"Why is she a compulsive liar, sir?"

So I recently started at a call center job, which is well out of my comfort zone, but so far it isn’t too bad. It’s outbound sales and we’re third party to a big cable based company, and sell different packages to different people based on…some factors that don’t matter to me as much as long as I can make quota.

This also didn’t happen to me but to a person two rows behind me. I also didn’t hear the customer’s side but I’ll be doing my best to at least give context. She was trying to sell her assigned package but suddenly needed a supervisor to take the call.

“Hey I’m the supervisor what’s going on?…why is she a compulsive liar sir?…sir we do record all our calls…yes we do, I can pull them up…”

At this point I’m stuck in answering machine routine and listen in deeply.

“Sir we don’t offer that deal…no sir that’s a scam. No that’s not our number…sir you can call our number and ask for their loyalty retention department, they can pull recordings from all the sites…No I’m not calling you that, have a great day and manage your account!”

And with that the supervisor hung up and told the girl (who was working her first day!) that if anyone was abusive like that, she can just do her polite disconnect and hang up. The supervisor later headed my way and I asked her about what the heck happened!

Long story short, someone called on behalf of “cable company” and offered him a too good to be true deal. Basically a huge discount on their cable bill and a lifetime free subscription to a premium network. Of course he ended up falling for it, so when an actually legitimate company called him he thought we were scamming him too.

The new girl took it in stride though. And I think a lot of the people that started today are gonna last a lot too.

(Side note, mad respect to telemarketing agents. I get it now.)

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