We cannot control hurricanes m’am

Not from a call center but at my work we need to call users or receive calls when clarifications are needed. Happened around 2 years ago, so some details are a bit general

This woman in particular was making a big fuss about the deadline extension we have her (regular extensions are +8h this was was about +20) so she called and it was transferred to me.

Me: Hi I am FreakingSquirrel, from X Team, how can I help you? Her: Hi, I need you to prioritize request #123, I can wait 20 more hours to receive it Me: I understood urgency, however we are quite understaffed as many of our designers cannot come over due to the hurricane Her: Oh… I understand but, can you, like, prioritize with the available people? Me: We have a first come first serve policy, everyone is giving their best, some even doing extra hours to help the production

This is where it gets interesting

She completely went mad. Almost screaming and told me “If you have the hurricane then, why didn’t you have that in mind and let us users know?”

I was just speechless, after some awkward 10 seconds told her that we were not going to prioritize and she had to wait, do she hang up on me

What’s most frustrating here is that… Our users… Are our same colleagues! All interactions are internal and she was an employee of the same company as I am

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