Lady did more than she needs to, swears we didn’t give her credit! (We did)

Long story short I work for a company that does corporate, state mandated training. In most jurisdictions, our clients needs 24 credits of training every 2 years. If someone does more than 24 they often get that extra counted as carryover for the following 2 year period.

Lady: I only show 21 credits, you didn’t report the final 3! (Attachment: screenshot.jpg)

Me: Well it looks like you are looking at your 2021 expiration per your screen shot, meaning your 2019 renewal went through just fine.

  • I take a look and sure enough she did 45 credits in 2019, meaning 24 went toward her renewal last month, which went through just fine, and the remaining 21 are now carry-over for 2021. I then draft instructions on how she can look these transcripts up herself.

Lady: but I’m missing 3 units, and I can’t print my new license!

Me: No, you’re in excess of 21 units for 2019, you should call the state for the information how to print that license (gives her the state’s phone number)

Lady: Hello – I printed this off the website, the only missing credits are the 3 ethics which I did per your course. I cannot find my license online because i haven’t completed those 3 credits. Let me know if you still disagree that you need to upload those. thanks

I tell her that I will no longer be answering her email, she would need to either follow the steps I provided on how to look up her transcrips, or give us, or the state a call. I’ve given her the numbers a couple times by now.

Her: wow! what a jerk! i see what you are saying now, nice customer service, i will be sure to go and put in a review!! I will be sure to tell all the other brokers I know about this. thanks

Me: When I provided you proof, steps on how to see what I’m referring to, a customer support number to call and still get emailed back with the same question, you can hopefully see why I could not find another way to get the point across other than to talk to you directly. That is why I asked you to call, I did try to call you but it went to voice mail. The screen shots you provided made it obvious you were skipping the steps I provided In one of my reply’s so I was hoping to get you on the phone to better show you how to look up these records, not to ignore you.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t reply back via email.

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