Genious Customer Reminds Me He is a Genius

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I’ve got a ton of these horror stories

In 2013 I worked tech support for a very large tech company. I worked in their laptop department, doing tech support on you know….laptops, specifically ones made by said company.

Iget a call from a customer looking to send his laptop in for repairs and he, like many of the other customers that I dealt with on a daily basis, was already in a bit of a foul mood. The customer proceeds to go on this rant about how said company used to make such nice products and yada yada. All the while I’m trying to get him to tell me what is actually wrong with the computer.

For some reason my attempts to get him to tell me whats wrong seems to make him feel like it’s necessary to tell me how he had several law degrees and was very wealthy and all this other unnecessary information that didn’t matter.

Soi ask for the model code of the laptop and he starts off with “CE” and I sotp him right htere. As he, and many many other customers try to read the CE0168 code like it’s the model number. I told the customer that the model number shoudl start with an “x” and he proceeds to yell at me that “There’s no fucking x” and then continues to go on about how smart he is and how I must be the idiot because I didn’t know what I was talking about.

This went on for another 15 minutes. Most of which was spent with my mic on mute and banging my head on my desk asking for any higher power for a reason to put me through this bullshit on a daily basis.

Finally after being told about how dumb I am for the umpteenth time I interrupt the customer mid sentence asking “Sir, is this even a {redacted} laptop?}

Dead silence.


“I am so sorry”

Genius saw that my company’s logo was on the box of the computer because they made the processor, but seemed to be completely oblivious to the laptop’s manufacturer’s logo on the back of the laptop. The funny hting is that during training for this job we were warned that occasionally people called making this exact mistake.

The called then proceeded to apologize for wasting the last 30 minutes of my time and for getting so upset with me, and because I needed to pay rent I didn’t immediately go off on him but suggested that he try to not be so hostile towards the person at the other company’s support when he called them.

tl;dr Genius calls to get laptop service, proceeds to yell at me and tell me how smart he is even though he can’t find laptop’s model code, genius realizes he called wrong company and wasted both our time.

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