At 32, I’m getting bullied at work

I don’t know where to start – sorry if this doesn’t belong here.

I’m 32, getting bullied in work and I honestly feel like crap because of it.

I’ve worked in my current job for about 6 months now. For the first 3 months it was hard l, it’s outbound sales – but I got to the point where I’m getting bonus half the time.

It all started to go wrong about three months ago when I got moved into a new team, as my manager was changing roles.

It started out with things going missing from my desk. A marker, then my whiteboard for note taking, then my Chillys bottle – it’s a thermos bottle that cost about £25, but it’s really special to me because it’s a present my wife bought for me – It returned, dented. I was livid.

My manager told them off when she saw I was upset.

Then it got worse.

It’s went missing again, and returned with more dents in it. Then I started getting things thrown at me. A stress ball, a pen, a golf ball, a half full bottle of water (not mine), even fruit. They’ve even thrown it at, and hit my groin in more than one occasion.

My manager does nothing.

A few days ago I snapped. I got hit in the groin again. I slammed my fist on the desk and said “that’s enough!”

My manager told me – “it’s all just fun and games a but you have an anger management problem. If this happens again I’ll have to disciple you.”

Seriously!? I get that I shouldn’t have had such an outburst, but come on!

So I started leaving everything in my locker when I’m not at my desk.

Anyway, this morning I’ve just gone to start and do some overtime. I put my things on my desk and realised that I left my medication in my locker.

I went to get my medication.

When I got back to my desk, not 30 seconds later – my chillys bottle had been messed with and my whiteboard had been thrown a few desks down the call center.

I put everything back in my locker, I’m not doing the overtime any more.

I said to another manager, as my manager isn’t in yet.

All she said was – “don’t let them bother you”

Am I in the wrong here?

What do I do? Has anyone else gone though this?

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What do you think?

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