After nearly 9 years in Energy Sales and Service I finally quit as it had destroyed my mental health.

Feel free to ask me anything about my experiences I am glad to share them with you. If you feel you’re stuck and can’t escape from the constant cycle of misery call centres offer rest assured there is hope. I understand exactly what it’s like to feel stuck in this situation.

I will not miss being yelled at 30-40 times per day by people who refuse to take responsibility for their own gas and electricity usage. I will not miss the constant pressure of having people scream at me for very minor inconveniences (like not putting their middle initial on their bill or not being able to provide a better offer) I will not miss under appreciated for bending over backwards for customers for going well and truly above and beyond. I will not miss being closely monitored by Work Force Planning and feeling the pressure of being watched all the time. I will not miss having a boss 10 years my junior who has no life experience telling me what I need to do even though I have 3X the amount of experience than her. I will not miss being treated like a fucking school kid by my 20 something year old bosses. (For gods sake im a grown man, married and have 3 children!) I will not miss being constantly berated everyday for 9 years by idiots who have this “bow down to me” attitude.. like honestly who in their right mind thinks it’s okay to speak to another human being like that?

I have so much more to say, I am angry, relieved, frightened, happy, nervous all at the same time. My new job is a casual position working in a warehouse for an amazing company who have a great reputation. I am frightened of my finances dropping.

It has taken a huge toll on my mental health, have had weight gain, quite a few nervous breakdowns, have been driven to alcoholism, I talk trash on social media and take my anger out on everyone. My relationship with my family have suffered.

Now I am removing myself from the toxic call centre life and will be focussing on rebuilding my self esteem (which has been absolutely destroyed because of my job) focussing on my mental health amd physical health.

Happiness is underrated. Make that change. You know you’re worth it. <3

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