I’m not the one who peed on my cellphone!

So this happened several years ago whilst i was working for (unnamed) cellphone company. Lets call the Entitled Customer – ET . Convo went exactly like this so no offence is meant with what ET said.

My phone buzzed in and i answered – thank you for calling (Phone co) how can I help you today?

ET – You are the 4th time i called! You people are terrible!

Me – Oh! I am sorry sir what seems to be the problem today?

ET- I was talking on my phone whilst using the bathroom and it fell into the toilet. I need a new one !

Me – It fell in the toilet? While you were using the washroom? (cue instant silence around me as people start to listen in)

ET – Yes you stupid woman! I need a new one now!

Me – Oh im sorry sir , peeing on your phone is considered water damage and voids your warranty. There is nothing i can do to help you. (insert stifled laughter here from my co- workers)

ET- You stupid woman! Why are you so terrible! You will give me a new phone now or face my wrath!

Me- I am sorry sir but peeing on your phone voids your warranty!

ET- I hate you! Allah hates you! How do you sleep at night?

Me- God loves me sir and i sleep just fine I’M not the one that peed on my cellphone! (By this time my end of the office has all put their phones on hold and are dying laughing)

ET- Click

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