Cancel your account? Sure done.

So years ago I worked for an incoming call center, where I specialized in the retention department of a popular satellite radio company. Well I absolutely hated this job through the whole 5 months I was employed there, and I especially hated when I genuinely knew people wanted to cancel but I still had to go through all the bullshit trying to keep them. It was also common for people to call and request to cancel, but they didn’t really want to cancel, they just wanted a cheap rate. You guys know how it goes.

So my last day (I didnt put in my 2 weeks, had a job lined up for the following Monday) I decided that I would go as long as I could without trying to retain any customers. It was fantastic. Every call went as follows

“I would like to cancel my account.” “Sure, I’ll process that for you right now…OK your account has been successfully terminated and a credit of $X had been returned to the card on file….etc. etc.”

Now the responses were the best part. Several people were like “Wow that was easy/fast thanks so much!” But the other half of the customers were dumbfounded…”Woah woah that’s not what I meant to do…” “Well sir, you requested a cancellation so I did that for you.” “Well I didn’t really want you to cancel it I just wanted a better rate” “I just did what you asked”

It was almost an evil satisfaction to end my short career in the call center. Definitely felt good to break the rules and not be the annoying sales guy for once.

I made it 3 hours into my shift before my supervisor caught on and sent me home.

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I’m not the one who peed on my cellphone!

Really? You never made that 2h call or it was a mistake?