Quick Story About An Ignorant Man

It was a pretty fast day overall today for auto insurance. Just thought I’d share this one.

I got a call from a guy who wondered why his monthly bill was 350$ when he said/was told it was supposed to be 250$. I looked at the guy’s auto policy and his bill. To start, it was actually 500$ when the bill first generated. He made a payment the day AFTER a new bill generated, so he occurred a 15$ late fee (varies from state to state). Secondly, he added a new vehicle, full coverage, to the policy that resulted in a 800$/6 month increase. To top things off, this current bill was the last bill before his renewal, therefore that 800$ was going to pro-rate an extra 200$ from what it normally was (for any auto insurance newbies, pro rating is essentially taking whatever your bill increases by and splitting it over the remaining bills you have left for a term).

Long story short, he got really mad and said it made no sense. He hung up angry because that 350$ payment was taken out through our automatic payment system that he agreed to.

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