Caller was so bad, security was notified

I once worked at a retirement management as a retirement service rep. A few calls always stuck out, but this one…I will never forget!

I came in to work about 15 minutes early. I do the usual: check email, check the financial news, read what crazy policy change the higher ups made (seemed like one every week), and check my retirement account balance.

Now, for whatever reason, I heard my co-worker, we’ll call her Lacey, seem to be having a really hard time with a caller. Lacey isn’t the type to get affected, but she was really struggling and she seemed a bit…shaken. Then I heard “thank you for your service sir.” And then it dawned on me, she’s having trouble with a veteran caller! Being a veteran myself, I asked her “want me to take the call?” She did not hesitate and thanked me. But she also warned me because she was threaten by the caller.

Now I’m really trying to show to my manager that I am ready to take on escalated calls…this was the worst call to show it.

So I take the call. I identify myself as a veteran and basically wanted to see where I can help out a fellow veteran. The caller, Chad, is a truck driver and having a hard time with finances. He wants to close his retirement account and get his money. He spills that he does not have money for food or shelter, etc. I look at his account and he has about $2K, but his account doesn’t allow for loans and only hardship withdraws. This only a snippet of the 45 minute call I had with Chad!

Me: Unfortunately sir, your account doesn’t allow loans, but it does allow for hardship withdraws with appropriate documentation.

Chad: No, I am not taking that! I want my money now! I need to eat damn it! And if I crash, the blood will be on your hands. I’m a veteran and a Native American damn it, help me.

Me: Well sir, have you gone to the VA for help? They have programs in place for such situation.

Chad: I tried and they wouldn’t help me.

Me: Well, what about your tribe?

Chad: What kind of response is that? I want me fucking money! I’m a truck driver and I need to eat! If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t have any office supplies or the chair you are sitting on!

Me: And we thank you for that, but look, when we were in the military, we had rules/orders to follow…we cannot break those rules or we’d get written up. Its the same way with retirement accounts, we have rules and orders we have to follow.

Chad: Who sets those rules?

Me: Basically, the IRS

Chad: I don’t recognize the IRS as a Native American, so who sets your rules. Find me the rules from a governing source.

Me: well, we follow IRS guidelines.

Chad: Exactly, they are guidelines, not rules, you can give me my money then.

Me: No sir, not following those guidelines have financial penalties. Just like in the military, we had guidelines on how to do pushups, an incorrect pushup wouldn’t be counted during a PT test.

Chad: you were never in the military otherwise you would help me out and give me my money!

Me: Yes I was sir! I served for 11 years.

Chad: If you did, then what war did you serve.

Me: I was in Iraq in 2005 at Ali Base, Iraq.

Chad: That wasn’t a war!

Me: it very much was and I was part of it.

Chad: Well then help a fellow war vet out and give me my money so I can eat. (Side note: he never mentioned branch, years he served, wars he served, units he was under…nothing. And we are not allowed to fish for that info.)

Me: once again sir, I cannot not. But you can go to the VA and get assistance there.


Me: I’m sorry I cannot help you out sir.

Chad: what was your last unit?

Me: (Gives last squadron info and location)

Chad: Anyone can just spit out numbers and letters! I’m going to call up the base commander and demand they give you an article 15 buddy!

Me: I’m out of the service, they cannot do anything.

Chad: Oh they will! I will see it that they will! And then I will come to your office and give you a piece of my mind! And then I’m gonna find your parents and beat the crap out of them too for raising a disrespectful son who doesn’t know how to treat his elders !

Me: sir…that sounds like a threat and if you continue to threaten me, I would have to end this call!

Chad: You will do no such thing! You will listen as to what I have to say damn it! I’m done talking to you, get me your manager now! I want you and that other bitch fired!

Me:(transferring to escalations team)

Lacey: Escalations

Me: oh hey! You know that crazy guy I took from you over 45 minutes ago…he wants to talk to a manager. Looks like you’re up again!

Lacey: okay

Me: transfers the call

Lacey spoke for a minute before transferring it to another member of escalations and that member was threaten too! So the manager informed of the situation and she started some crazy safety protocol: -building security was informed; we had to be escorted to our cars for a few days.

-Chad’s company was informed and they sent over a photo of Chad so security knew what he looked like.

-Facility manager assured me we are safe and he can’t get in the building.

-Statements were taken from everyone involved.

-Legal got involved, but ironically, his phone privileges to the call center weren’t revoked.

Nothing bad did actually happen, but some people just couldn’t take no for an answer.

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