A serial self love caller picked the wrong agent

I’ve been out of the trenches for about 10 years now but I do have stories to tell! My favorite was the serial self love guy who had over 5 pages of notes saying “hang up, don’t keep him on the line, calls a lot doing things” I was 3rd party not an official call center we had a no hang up policy-even if the caller was abusive, I was promoted to escalations team by then but filled in helping cable issues.

I was having a bad day, and I was moved to the cable/video calls because the queue was backed up, and escalations we were sitting 10 minutes between calls. I hated the video queue even though I was one of the top call resolution agents, I would rather take angry customer calls.

Enter crazy serial self love man. He starts by saying his cable box is experiencing black screen, I verify, then see the notes, 5 pages worth. Here we go, he’s labeled as abusive to agents. I verify the caller and account, and start trying to troubleshoot.

Caller starts making sex noises, I’m getting grossed out, and I say “put IT down and pick up the tv remote!” He actually listened, then hung up on me.

I went into close, my best friend beside me went into close too and both of us started laughing. I left notes myself. That job was interesting. I have more stories if this one takes off!

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