Yes direct deposit means you need to provide banking information.

I work at a company that handles payments and I spend most of my day speaking with the “Karens” of the world. If the office can’t process the payments we send on behalf of their clients, we offer direct deposit, so that they can still collect the payments without having to run a credit card and pay a merchant processing fee.

Now I will spend 5-10 minutes explaining direct deposit to most of these people, I bring them to the enrollment site, start walking them through the registration and too many times have we gotten to the page of the form that requires banking information and Karen says “wait, you need my BANKING INFORMATION?!” And I always say “Yes, it is required so we know where to deposit your payments”. Sometimes they’re like “oh, duh, my bad” (paraphrasing) and sometimes I get the good ole “ABSOLUTELY NOT. THIS IS A SCAM IM CALLING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU”,

…Okay, sorry for trying to make sure you get paid…?

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