Weird Heartbreaking Call I Had [LONG POST]

Hello there, it is my first post here.

I work in a Tech Support account that mainly deals with Phone Software, pretty chill LOB. This call happened a month ago.

So after one of my lunch breaks, I answered a call and a lady was crying upon answering, apparently she was just diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Her call was not really a technical issue, it was just a simple question. Basically she was asking if ever her photos, videos, messages and other data will be transferred in a SIM card because she wanted to be buried with it.

I told her it doesnt work that way and if she wishes to have data with her I told her she can opt to be buried with her phone instead. She told me she doesnt want that since she will be giving her phone to her sister.

A weird resolution/suggestion I gave was to perhaps transfer her data to a flash drive if she wanted to have her data with her in the event she dies. I ended the call saying to her to enjoy her remaining time to the fullest.

So afterwards, I was a bit teary in my station but had a sense of accomplishment since first call I had that I was able to somewhat fulfill her last wishes.

P.S. worse part was I kind of got called out by our QA since apparently they were randomly monitoring my call at the time and kind of asked me, “did you just say for a caller to be buried with a flash drive” and they wanted to give me a disciplinary action with it. So I told them, dude, kindly listen from the beginning and you will see why I said that. So the QA listened to it and said… Man, I understand now, and she got teary eyed too.

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