The Box Guy

Hello everyone! Been lurking in this sub-reddit for quite a while.

I work for an ISP/Satellite TV provider here in Ireland and to say, thank you all to those who have posted first. All of your stories I resonate with. I’m Customer service support. Thankfully! I had my last day on the phones last Saturday and got my new position in messaging which has been a massive improvement… And I actually like my job now. Music in, reply to chats not actually speaking to anyone on the phone. Much yes.

Anyhow, I do have one small story that stands out with my experience on the phone.

So, little bit of context here. We use another provider’s phone lines because they own pretty much EVERYTHING in Ireland in terms of Exchanges and phone lines. So, we use their engineers.

The Box guy. (As a friend rightfully called this story)

As usual Me = Well, me. Entitled Box guy = EBG.

Me: Good morning, you’re through to this company, my name is Thor, how can I help you today?

EBG: I want to complain and speak to a manager!

Me: Oh? May I ask what this is about and I can possibly help you?

EBG: You activated my broadband earlier! I had my other provider to cancel off on the 13th! You’ve activated it on the 11th! This is not acceptable! My broadband isn’t working!!

Me: Okay.. I apologise that your broadband has been activated before your expected activation date. Because we use such and such’s lines. We go by their engineers and sometimes if they are in the area doing a job, they will activate your line early for you. Would you mind telling me how many lights are on the hub?

EBG: The hub’s not plugged in! I never received the hub!! The engineer is supposed to bring that and now he’s not coming! I want an engineer here, now!! I want to speak to your manager now!!

Me: Right, the engineers do not bring the hub to install it for you. It’s a self-install. Once the line is active and working perfectly… We cannot get an engineer out due to they are not our engineers. Do you mind me asking if you’ve received anything off us in the post recently?

EBG: I have a box in the hall with your name on it.

Me: Would you mind opening that and letting me know what’s inside? I believe that would be the hub.

EBG: Yes. It is the hub! But that doesn’t matter. I want an engineer here to install it! I’m unqualified to install it! I want someone more qualified to plug it in!

Me: It’s quite simple to plug it in I can run you through it if you like.

(Now mind you. Because our broadband goes through the phone lines. You plug the ADSL cable into the phone socket and in the back of the hub. Boom. Congratulations. You have broadband.)

EBG: I don’t care! I am unqualified and I want someone MORE qualified to plug this in! I want your manager also!

(So, at this point. This guy has been none stop and I had my final straw of being nice and polite.)

Me: Okay… So… You’re telling me you are unqualified to take something out of a box and plug it in?

EBG: That will be the last thing you’ll say, you smart fuck!

And he hung up after that. Mind you, my manager was sitting right beside me working away and listening in. His response. “Good man, Thor. He sounded like fun… What a Muppet.”

But yes, I am now a week off the phones… And I actually like my job. It’s amazing something different can change a whole lot.

Apologies for any spelling mistakes or grammar. First time poster. But! All of you are wonderful. Thank you for keeping me entertained and ‘not alone’ while I commute to work.

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