I’m starting to think these people are having us on…

“Good afternoon you’re through to blah blah blah…”

“Hiya , I’ve used you before, can I have a brochure please?”

“Yes, is it for you?”

“Yes, I’ve used you before”

“Okay what’s your postcode?”

“Well I’ve used you before so I might still be on your system, it’s *postcode*”

“And your surname?”

“It’s **** but I’ve used you before, so might be on there”

“Okay yeah there you are, do you want a call to make sure the brochure’s arrived?””

“No thanks, I’ve used you before so it should arrive.”

“Okay so how did you…Oh you’ve had us before haven’t you?”


“I was gonna ask how you’ve heard about us but you’ve had us before haven’t you…”



“I don’t know what ya mean, DUCKEH!!!!”

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