I thought retail was bad… quit, took new call center job, 3 months in and I’m dying to quit and return back to retail. Call Center work is literally soul sucking to the max and I have never been more depressed and anxious in my entire life.

I have my 4 year degree and have 8 years of retail experience.

Got burned out from retail and decided to pursue this quasi call center job where you have your own clients so your doing both outbound and inbound calls as well as working the que and dealing with clients emails and fax.

The pay is a major upgrade. I’m making almost 50k a year. Also the stable hours and weekends off are great I guess. Those are the few “pros”…

My company doesn’t like to be referred as a call center but it’s honestly a call center in sheep’s clothing.

What I’ve ultimately learned are that people on phones are sadistic, cruel and don’t seem to realize they are actually talking to a human being on the phone.

In retail, you would get angry customers but when people are starting at you in the eyes they pussy out and back down. On the phone they don’t give 2 shits and let it rip.

Every day I dread to go to work. When people have called off and there is less people in the que our call volume skyrocket and we have 5pm deadlines to complete for our clients and all the other clients on the phone.

I thought retail was stressful but I never thought a call center job would be worse. Like holy shit, ive never felt as nauseous and wanting to vomit every day after a job like I have now.

I’ve developed depression, anxiety and my panic attacks have returned. Especially when the phone rings. I just dread every call. You get nice clients but the bad clients just totally destroy every good ounce you had left in the day. They make you feel like dirt. It’s literal mental abuse.

Aside from that, I physically don’t understand how people can sit on a uncomfortable chair, that tears your ass apart, and watch a computer screen for 8 hours of the day. During my first month I gained 20 lbs alone and have lost the 20 lbs after falling into my depressed state. Also the headaches are awful. Downing alieve everyday. It’s terrible. No human being should sit for that long of a period. It’s inhumane…and to make matters worse your supervisor yells at you if you need breaks to stretch out the pains.

Also, sitting in a cubicle is like the modern day cage. Literally feel like a trapped zoo animal during my shift, and I still have people who literally sit 3 cubicles away from me and have said one word to me to this day.

I’m planning on quitting and pursuing a manager role in my grocery chain. I’m happy that I got to experience a taste of the call center world, I mean life is all about experiences after all and I have learned some new skills…that said, I will forever echo this to anyone who is considering a call center position…Runnnnnnnnnnn.

I never thought I would say this but I can’t wait to go back to retail.

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