How you DARE use my credit card without my authorization!?

Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster yadayada. On mobile so, sorry about formatting.

So, I work at a call center for a big airline in my country, I’m kind of a back office agent, basically I deal with passengers through e-mail and mostly these people are beyond our call agent’s power. So only us can help them.

Yesterday I get a ticket assigned to me, it was a pretty pissed lady (ALL CAPS EMAIL LEVEL OF PISSED), she was pretty rude even when she didn’t use any bad words, demanding for answers and threatening to get law involved since we ‘Made an unauthorized payment with her card’ HOW YOU GUYS DARE TO TAKE MONEY FROM ME!? WHY ARE YOU TAKING IT!?

You get it.

I read the whole thing and then I proceed to check her reservation, I see the problem. Go back to the ticket and start typing my very simple answer.

“Thank you for contacting us, sorry for the delay. Ma’am I think I found the problem, we didn’t take any unauthorized payment, you made your reservation with a fixed monthly payment plan. If you didn’t intend to do it, I suggest you reach out to your bank.

Have a nice day and please don’t hesitate on contacting us again if you have any problem!”

Didn’t hear back from her.

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