Has anyone ever felt like QA is specifically trying to forcefully dissolve your department

For context, I work in a telecom call center. The group we work in isn’t a common group, but there’s enough of us. We recently had a turnover of QA reps through promotions and new ones have been placed in those positions. As such, being a specialized department, when our previous QA agents were scoring us, it was always on “was the request completed as asked or not and was it a valid reason why not”. Now this individual that has come in, they’ve been in the position for months and every single score they give basically gets appealed because they constantly trying to dig and dig until they find one very small statement out of a huge policy that we should’ve followed that has never been followed before from a policy that’s viewable BY us but not written FOR us. Another thing is that they violated company protocol for me in particular by pulling multiple calls and coincidentally the only one she scored was the one where there was something done that wasn’t up to their interpretation of the policy.

Has anyone felt like they’ve become completely unable to win no matter what and that QA is out to dissolve your entire group? 90% of us in our department feel that this individual is trying to get us canned for performance issues so that the remaining few can be surplused and their out of pocket cost for those surplused would be substantially less than having to surplus a whole department while that department still has a vast amount of reps left. Has anyone actually been a part of that happening to them?

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