"Can’t you just waive the taxes?"

No. You idiot, it’s required by law, call your God damn legislators if you don’t want to pay sales tax on clothes, numbnuts.

I constantly (I’m talking several times a shift) get calls after people place orders saying there’s a price discrepancy. I.e., they agreed to pay $28 for their clothes, but after seeing and agreeing to the final amount, they call in asking to cancel their order because it charged $31 and not $28. I’ve worked long enough at my job, about 18 months, to understand immediately the issue. So I break it down. “your order came to $28, but there was $3.08 or whatever in taxes, and shipping was free.” 75% of the time they say “well, I didn’t know I had to pay taxes. This is online. Can’t you do anything about that? Just waive my taxes.”

I always say “I live in California, if I could waive taxes, they’d elect me governor in a landslide victory lol” most of the time it gets a chuckle, and sometimes it gets a “well, cancel my order.”

Then I go through my spiel of “order cancellations are not guaranteed, I know you just placed the order, but we do have to let everyone know that it depends on where it’s coming from.” Usually, if they refuse to pay taxes, they escalate from there.

Ugh, I swear, it’s an uphill battle with most customers.

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