Violent Customers

So as I stated before, I worked at cable. Not the best call center to work for. So were constantly being cursed out, etc. That was par for the course, I mean everyone hates cable companies. I don’t blame them the policies suck. So I got a lot of bad calls (which is a another story) but the most disturbing were the violent ones, I remember a woman who I had on the phone who threatened to show up at our call center (she actually knew our address!) to shoot me and my coworkers. She liked to tell me the gory details like what brains would look like on the floor and how she would save me for last.

So I immediately put her on hold and try to waive down security. No response.

I call a lead and he seems annoyed by my call

Him: did you call security? Me: yeah I did no response. Him ~sigh~ okay transfer her over

By that point she hung up, I was told to go to security. Which I did and I was told “ok we.l look into it”.. but they did not act concerned. For almost two weeks I was terrified of going to work. I later looked at her account. Nothing had been done, no out going calls to her or suspension of her account.

We also had two bomb scares. Someone called in twice to say there was a bomb in our call center. We had to evacuate the building. They think it was a former employee who made the calls but nothing was ever proven.

We also had customers try to get into the call center. But other employees caught them before they could get to our floor. Notice I said other employees not our security guard. He was in his 70’s. All anyone needed to do to get past him, was use a portable fan to knock him over.

We also had to evacuate the building once because lighting hit the side of it. I guess God hated cable as well.

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