PSA: StOP buying your 75 year old grandparents computers for Christmas

My god I’m so sick of doing tech support. Every other call it’s some old asshole who touched something on a computer. And I have to guess what they did because whenever you ask it’s “I didn’t touch anything and it just started doing x”. Which no Sharon you did touch something, because X doesn’t happen unless you somehow get to the preferences and change settings on your computer.

I can’t stand it anymore. I really can’t. I don’t have sympathy for these old people, computers have been around for 30+ years. Your generation made them, how do you not know how to do simple and basic things like typing in an address bar. Or that WiFi requires a router to posses. That hey the remote in your hand has an input button near the top! If you press that you’ll get back to your food network!

But no! Apparently knowing such things is too much for the baby boomer callers! I always get people who act like it’s the first time they’ve ever held a remote in their hand! Or they’ll ignore any advice or trouble shooting I attempt to do and just do things their way!

Also! I can’t stand it when I spend an hour on the phone asking if your caps lock is on repeatedly, only for you to repeatedly say no, and when all password troubleshooting steps fail, suddenly realize that your caps lock was on the entire time after an hour and a half of being a passive aggressive douche bag. And then have the nerve to bitch at me like it’s my fault your incapable of reading the keyboard you purchased.

Or the time I spent 45 minutes on a call with a 70 year old who was angry that her phone wasn’t getting WiFi. After I kept asking her if it was on airplane mode and she kept saying no I moved on to other trouble shooting steps, only to discover that I had to ask her if there was a plane in the corner of her phone. Because airplane mode wasn’t clear enough.

Or the asshole who bitched about a 50 dollar tech fee when he couldn’t figure out he needed to plug his landline wire back in the same plug during a previous trouble shooting call. Like the rep is supposed to psychically know you’re a moron that needs specific instructions that 3 year olds require. Like “okay Timmy now plug that phone cord right back in plug 1”. And you’re too dim witted to realize asking for a tech will cost you money since you refused our tech insurance.

I honestly hate my job because every other caller is a passive aggressive shit that thinks it’s okay to be a nasty human being. Especially the elderly. Got cussed out when this bitch didn’t get her power turned on for cable, when she didn’t pay her bill in over. 3 months. “I’m on social security this is senior abuse!” No. You not getting your way isn’t senior abuse Ethal.

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Tech support 101 for senior citizens

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