I’m the CEO of a law firm! Don’t hide behind your made up laws.

Okay so, I used to work for an airline handling post-flight complaints, we were primarily outbound, however, when establishing first bits of contact for the likes of DPA, we’d send emails.

I had a law firm’s CEO chasing their delayed flight comp. They were due it, however, as there were multiple passengers with different names, I had to ask for a letter of authorisation signed by all passengers so that one person could deal with such a large amount of comp on everyone’s behalf.

I received an email back from the customer which stated “I can’t believe you are not immediately giving me the compensation that we are due and you’re hiding behind this completley made up and so called “data protection” law, i’ll get you your letter, but i want this escalating to your CEO!” The total amount of comp was something along the lines of £7,500.

He did try to escalate to the CEO by sending further emails, however, what passengers don’t realise is that they just come straight back to us, and we just have to respond with, “We’re writing to you on behalf of our CEO…”

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