First call post training

I just read a story that reminded me of my first call post training.

There I was, first day of work on the floor, I’m scared shitless because I didn’t want to messed up, I sat down prepared everything like they told us in training, then I logged in… mind you I don’t remember what was her issue, just how the call went

*translated in English from Spanish for this post

Customer: I have a problem with X and you motherfuckers don’t want to help me, and I bet you SOB gringo won’t help me either She then tells me what her problem is

During training they told me to try not to put on hold but instead use mute, also this call center is in Colombia so I’m 100% fluent in my language

Me: ok ma’am give me a second and I check every for you (mutes the call…. so I thought then asked my team leader for help) To TL: this piece of shit told me XYZ and I have no…. Customer: *EXCUSE MEEEEEE WTF DID YOU JUST CALL ME

I went pale, I look at the phone and it wasn’t on mute, I wanted to die, I did mute her as she kept insulting me and the company as I talked to my TL telling him what just happen, he just laughed and told me that it could be worse, after this I always made sure I put the call on mute, 10 years later I can laught about this moment.

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