A woman tricked me into being happy for 30 seconds.

I work for xbox chat support.
This is how it went down:

Bitch: Hi Gab, I am just contacting to tell you how much I love xbox customer support!
I will give you a 5/5 survey!
Me: Thank you so much for that!

At this point I was thinking that a previous agent had helped her so she contacted to let us know that the issue was resolved; not uncommon since we do troubleshooting on the console.
I even showed my friend that sits at my right.

Bitch: 5/5 = 1

I was being sarcastic, you idiot.

Me: Oh, cool.
You know that wave of sadness you feel some times? Yeah…
Bitch: I hate xbox it’s a shit company
Me: I don’t even know what I did to you. I’m just an 18 year old trying to work a job. Why are you being like this and spreading hate?
Bitch: Oh, come one. It’s just a 1, you’ll recover.

At this point I ignored her and started talking with another customer (I have 2 chats at the same time). 3 minutes passed.

Bitch: Do you want me to hire you to be my dog? I’ll pay you 50$ per day. I’ll bring the collar and the leash.
Me: That actually sounds good, it pays more than this job. Will you provide the food and accommodation?
Bitch: Yeah, 50$ a day is no joke.

I ignored her for a while again.

Bitch: Fuck you and fuck your shit company.

Customer ended the chat

Fuck you J. Wang, you disgusting piece of shit.

I checked her other chats and she was being racist and petty.

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