With coworkers like these….

Part of my job when I worked for a telecoms was running credit checks and checking for past due accounts on the person trying to get set up.

One day I get a call from a rep who is having trouble getting a customer set up so I get the address and see there are a bunch of accounts closed for non payment on this address which can cause problem for a new tennent but no big. I get the personal information and get the same error the rep is getting.

So I started looking deeper at the old accounts. Several of these accounts reuse the same phone never which only happens on request. The rep mentions the caller also wants that number. If this rep could see the look I was giving him.

Me: That doesn’t raise any flags to you?

Rep: Uh….no?

I know he doesn’t care cause he only gets credit for sales not catching people, but come on! The first name on this address under that number is his caller and the ssn he gave me is the same only backwards! This family keeps setting up service and then stops paying until we shut it off and the next person sets up with the same number! I flagged the address and told the rep it wasn’t gonna happen until they paid the hundreds of dollars they owed and he tried to fight me about it because the info this guy gave him wasn’t exactly the same as what was on the old account.

Turns out he assumed no one would ever lie and he tried to convince me to force it through cause clearly the system was broken.

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