My favorite call in my call center history

Short and simple. I’ll be me, confused lady will be CL.

Me: thank you for calling this is me from insurance place.

CL: Hi, I just received my ID cards for my new ford and they have the wrong date.

Me: (assuming she thinks the date of the addition of the vehicle should be on the ID cards) well ma’am your term dates of March to September will not change, but I do see that vehicle was recently added.

CL: No I know that, the year is wrong!

Me: What dates are on your ID Cards?

CL: March 19 to September 19

awkward silence

Me: Ma’am… it is 2019.

CL: What? It’s 2020!!

Me: No ma’am, the year is 2019.

awkward silence

CL: Oh… ok well have a good day!

Nothing angry, no complaining, just wanted to share the best call that made a busy day a lot more humorous!

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