BTW – Peakock (because I said I would)

Ive worked in call centers almost all my life. From old fasioned telemarketing, to now working at a company that only calls if someone requests us to. My job is simple, go over necessary information to schedule a pickup for a vehicle. Sadly, it is not always so simple.

Yesterday was one of those days, i wont lie, i was in a bad mood right from the beginning. Thankfully, there was a light in the darkess for me, and that came in the form of a customer who not only got that our process is simple, but also who actually made me laugh (and not one of those fake im laughing because the customer is, laughs).

So this is for you, awesome lady, who is a mechanic, and shared she had an unfortunate bath in fluids that are not so good to bathe indue to her job. I APPRICIATE YOU, this is my post to you, because you asked for it (remember, “BTW Peacock was our tell!). 🙂 Thank you, for being my light in the darkness yesterday. I hope someone does the same for you when you need it most, like you did for me yesterday.

For everyone out there dealing with call center life, keep your head up, and remember not everyone sucks! Lol

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