Wrong names customers used to call me.

Having worked in a few call centers in my life I have often been called the wrong name. I find it quite amusing and usually don’t correct them unless they ask. Here are a few names I’ve been referred to by customers over the phone. My first name is Stephanie – Tiffany – Bethany – Beverly – Jennifer – Debra – Susan My all time favorite? Dapony. I’m so terrible that when the customer asked if I said Dapony I answered yes. They asked how I spell it and just quickly rambled off D A P O N Y. I’m sure there are several more but I can’t recall all of them. It’s pretty interesting what names they repeat back. Some like “Tiffany” is understandable as it sounds similar, but Susan? That’s not even remotely close. It always made me laugh a bit after the call. Call centers can be awful so I suppose you find humor in the little things.

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