Why do all the weirdos call between 5-7 am?

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Yesterday was a slow day. We cleared out tickets and no calls were coming in so I was just chillin and working on some blanket patterns. Of course, as soon as I get in the groove of things my phone rings.

Me: me D- drunk (?) old man

Me: Thank you for calling support l, my name is acupsona. Can I have the email on your account?

D: I don’t have one

I get his first and last name and try to an email to put down just so I could finish my ticket but he insists he never uses email.

Me: What can I help you with?

D: Yeah can you tell me who your company is and what you do?

Normally when we get these calls it’s someone seeing a charge on their card from us that they don’t recognize. I proceed to explain that we are a textbook publishing company with online homework platforms.

D: You know I was never any good at math. Do you have math books? What company do your math books go through?

Me: Of course we have math books, and we publish all of our content. We have a math specific homework platform that has a different name, but we own that as well.

D: Oh okay interesting. What’s your company’s name called again? Can you spell it?

I proceed to repeat and respell the company name several times then spend a good amount of time teaching him to pronounce it even though I’ve said it a dozen times by this point.

D: Where are you located???

I give the state name and spell it because he apparently doesn’t know that either.

D: What city are you guys in?

At this point I had almost worn out my mute button and was talking to my supervisor in the background. I repeated this and he shook his head at me.

Me: Unfortunately sir, we are not authorized to provide that information.

D: Well why not?

Me: it’s just our policy sir.

D: Well your apology is stupid.

There was that extra emphasis on the stupid that made me take a deep sigh. Here we go. He proceeded to mumble and slur into the phone that was already staticky so I had to ask him to repeat himself. Twice. After the second time, he screamed “Can you hear me now?” In the phone.

Me: Yes sir, my apologies.

D: How am I supposed to get materials if I can’t speak with them?

Me: Well sir all communication primarily goes through us so I can sub-

D: Why won’t you tell me where you’re located or give me their contact information?

Me: Its just our policy sir, for safety reasons. They don’t have a direct nu-

D: Well that’s stupid, what a stupid fucking policy you’re all fucking stupid.


I managed to stay professional and upbeat for the entire thing and I’m not sure how. Why does this always happen? Do people just dial random numbers and fuck around?

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