We Aren’t Hackers & We Aren’t Psychics, We’re Just Your Credit Card Company

So I work fraud for a credit card company, and anyone who has or does work fraud knows there are plenty of calls for things that actually aren’t fraud this is one of those.

We’ll call him Angry Ex (AE) and then there will be ME.

ME: Thank you for calling Credit Card Company Fraud Department this is Pearl725 how can I help you today?

AE: There is a fraudulent balance transfer on my account you need to shut it down now!

ME: *looks at Balance Transfer history and see’s nothing* Ok sir when did this happen? *starts looking at account card hasn’t been used in a year since it was paid off*

AE: 2013! Someone did a Balance Transfer for $7,500 to Other Credit Card Company (OCCC). It wasn’t me!

ME: *reviewing memos I note he came in from Chargebacks who state they reviewed the details with him and he claimed he didn’t know who the account holder of that transfer was* Ok sir I do see that is the only thing this card has been used for since 2013, and you were making payments monthly online to pay that off until a year ago are you absolutely sure you don’t recognize it?

AE: Positive it’s fraud!

ME: Did you make the payments to this card or are the payments also fraudulent? (At this point I’m considering ID theft as a possibility)

AE: No I made the payments I’m not disputing them. I’m talking about this transfer it is fraud!

ME: *I notice that up until a few months ago this account was a joint account, but now the account is only in his name. I’m not sure of the circumstances, but I need to address it* So I notice Lady With Same Last Name (LWSLN) was on your account up until DATE is it possible she did that transfer?

AE: NO! You did it! You guys hacked my OCCC account, got the number and without my authorization transferred money over there to pay off the balance!

ME: Wait. So you got the money on that account and it paid it off?

AE: YES! WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION! YOU GUYS DID IT! *rage level increases to over 9000*

ME: Sir we absolutely would not have any access to OCCC’s account numbers or any of your information over there. We don’t do transfers without your initiation and in fact I see it was initiated online in 2013 per our records.


ME: Sir it was done to your account, and you paid it off here as well. Did LWSLN perhaps do it?

AE: Probably! I don’t know! She’s my ex-wife and I’m not asking her! We’ve been divorced for over a year and yea it is my account with OCCC, but she was the one who used that to buy all her shit so this was used to pay off her expenses so I want the money back because it’s fraud.

ME: Sir that is absolutely not fraud. Both accounts were in your name, you had a shared account at the time it occurred this is a civil dispute I suggest you take it up with a lawyer if you feel your ex-wife owes you that money back.


ME: Sir. We do not hack-


ME: … Sir we don’t have any special… powers. Once again this is not fraud. It is not something we could do any kind of chargeback on either as it was initiated by you or your ex-wife who was also authorized on this account up until DATE, and sent to a credit card in your name. Fraud would be done by someone you typically don’t know or would want to press charges against. Being that the other credit card is in your name we really cannot help pursue this and you would need to take it outside of the credit card industry.

AE: You’re as dumb of a bitch as my ex-wife that’s why I left her ass!

ME: Ok sir well we’re done here for today you have a good rest of your evening.

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