There are 12 months in a year

Not my call, but one our new billing person was on. I was listening to some of their calls for ‘coaching opportunities’ and one of them was this guy.

CD: Confused Debtor BP: Billing person

BP: This is internetsRUs, you’ve reached billing person. How can I help you today?

CD: Yeah you can get your head out of your ass and stop billing me for invoices I have already paid. I have 10 cancelled checks in my hand and two of them are for months you claim I owe

BP: I’m sorry about that sir, which months and checks are they and I’ll look them up?

CD: I am not going over every goddamn month with you. I have all 10 of my checks from 2018 in my hand and I am not paying these invoices.

BP: Well, sir we have 2 outstanding invoices for…

CD: rants about not going over every payment & invoice for all of 2018 when he has his cancelled checks in his hand & going on about how we are going to credit him since he’s paid…blah blah blah

BP: I understand you have proof of 10 payments sir..

CD: Damn right I do!!

BP: But sir, there were 12 months in 2018

CD: Are you calling me stupid?

BP: If we could go through the checks and match them to what I have in the system we can figure out which months are missing, they have been applied to a different month than you intended

CD: If I send a check for May it should pay for May

BP: I understand sir, however our system applies payments automatically to the oldest open invoice, so if you have….

CD: I don’t give a fuck what your system does! I paid May and I have a cancelled check to prove it

BP: Okay, but if I apply that payment to May, you still owe for April

CD: I have a check for April

BP: That leaves March open

This goes on until, in between outbursts of profanity, the billing person gets him to go over every single payment he made, and lo and behold! turns out there were 12 months in 2018 and since he only wrote 10 checks he still owes us for 2 months. Just not the same 2 months we initially claimed.

CB: FINE! I’ll send in a check for those 2 months but you people really need to get your shit straight! This is hardly the first time I’ve had this conversation

BP: I’ll note on the file you are sending in the 2 outstanding months. Have a nice day

I went over the call with the billing person, stressing that it was excellent the way they remained professional but going over reasons why it is okay to terminate a call. Billing person comes from a much stricter call center environment & is still feeling their way through our very relaxed environment.

I’ve got a call in to the Big Boss because I am displeased with CD’s behavior, which from 2 past phone calls seems to be how he deals with us, and I feel it ought to be addressed but I need permission to do that.

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