The first caller to make me cry

I am about to go back to work after a 3 month break for mental health reasons. It’s another call center, so I thought I would share some stories from my last call center job before I go back. This is the first woman to make me cry on a call.

This was my first job out of high school. A call center working for a health insurance company. It was week one on the phones after training and I was terrified. Always had anxiety, hated talking on the phone, etc. but this was the best job in my town and I knew I was lucky to get it.

The day went by pretty smoothly. It was simple enough. read from a script and transfer anyone I wasn’t able to help to a more experienced agent. A call came in 10 minutes before time to clock out and I knew it would be my last call of the day.

A woman wanted to know everything about the insurance. So I told her everything. She wanted to know everything about the doctors available. I showed her the online list and went over a few of them with her. She wanted to know about the costs for individual services: this is where it was tricky. I had the basic percentages but she wanted actual estimated. I would have to send her to the claims department.

She did NOT like that. She wanted me to answer when I didn’t have that information available to me. She continued to rant about how I was being lazy, not doing my job, was terrible at customer service. She told me I was lucky she called and not her husband, but I felt anything but lucky. I muted the mic so she didn’t hear my crying. She asked if I was still their. I unmuted it to say yes and she continued the verbal assault. The call lasted an hour, and afterwards I sat at my desk and cried. Then I cleaned myself up. Got in my car. And cried again all the way home.

I was only doing what I was given the information to do. This woman, who has never met me, felt okay talking to me like that. I have a deep hatred for anyone who disrespects call center workers after that.

Next week I am starting at another health insurance call center. I honestly expect it to be worse, because of who it is. But I need to get back out there.

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