Stabbed in the face

I work for a company who advise what type of care people need based on their symptoms.

Had a call from a 17/18 year old who tells me as soon as I answer “I do NOT want to go to hospital”…. Okay so what’s the problem I’m thinking.

Well turns out they’d got into a bit of a gang fight and been stabbed in the straight through the nose where someone had hid a knife as they punched them. Obviously we needed to advise them to go to hospital and when I told them this they declined.

Expressed again to them “so just to clarify you’ve been stabbed” “yep” “in the face?” “Yes” “and you don’t want to go to hospital” the response to this was “well when you put it like that it sounds stupid”

Ended up passing the case through to one of the health care professionals and they went but it was one of my craziest calls that still makes me chuckle

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