I saw a youtube video and I want you to sort it out!

So a couple of Christmases ago, I worked for a delivery company in the UK, on the phones. I was put onto the company line after a couple of weeks, but we did still get the odd recipient calling the wrong number. This was one of these.

C – caller

For context, this guy had phoned the day before with one of my colleagues, and I had heard them talking it about it, so I was vaguely aware of the situation.

Me: [standard greeting] Can I have your parcel number please?

C: Oh sorry I don’t have one, I’m here to put in a complaint about one of your drivers

Me: I’ll see if I can help, do you have a registration number for the van? And where was this?

C: Oh I don’t have either – I was on youtube and I saw this compilation of reckless drivers, and there was a [mycompanyname] van racing all over the road.

Me: Uh

C: So would you be able to find out who that was, and stop them from doing it again?

Me: So just to confirm, you’ve seen a youtube video of a [mycompany name] van driving recklessly, but you haven’t seen it yourself, and don’t know location or registration?

C: Yes, I’m not happy with people like that driving for your company.

Me: …am I alright to place you quickly on hold?

I placed him on hold and went to go speak to my supervisor as I knew he’d been spoken to by her the day before. We had a quick laugh and she told me that she’d sent an email (most likely to just share the story), and I went back to the guy

Me: Hi, thank you for holding. Just had a chat to [supervisor] who you spoke to yesterday. As she said, we’ve sent an email to [manager] about this, but I’m not sure how much we can do without a registration.

C: Has there been no response back yet about it?

Me: Unfortunately not, it is a very busy time at the moment.

C: Okay. Just a quick question, can you track what number I’m calling from?

Me: Usually, but not in your case

C: Okay thank you [C hangs up]

I’m reasonably sure it was a troll call, especially with the question at the end. Not sure if he ever called back, my temporary contract ended soon after and I left.

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