Tales from Quality Assurance

I have a few stories from customers and agents but today I will start with a story from when I worked in quality.

There was a girl who had been flagged by me and my partner in quality for call avoidance. She was bad at her job and she also almost never took calls. But she never got fired cause she was related to someone in upper management.

We did some looking into this and found a lot of calls where she either hung up in the first minute or where she basically kept the customers on hold or muted for so long that it looked like an average call time but it was just silence.

Well we passed it on to our manager and her direct supervisor and went on with life. A couple days later her supervisor came to us and said she had so many calls that looked like avoidance because she entered an IT ticket for a system issue. But she also claimed she had been getting racist calls so we had to pull a bunch of her calls.

So, I pulled one of her calls randomly. Here’s a taste of what was said, A for Agent and C for Caller.

A: standard greeting How can I assist you today?

C: Hi, I’m having trouble changing my coverages. I want to change my collision deductible to $500.

A: What?

C: I want to change my deductible to $500.

A: What?

C: Are you having trouble hearing me?

A: I can’t hear you



C: You said you-

A: Know what? I’m tired of people calling me today because they’re acting stupid and lazy and RACIST (she screamed this loudly)

C: Excuse me! That’s rude of you to say!

A: FUCK YOU hangs up

Yeahhhhhh no one bought her story about getting racist calls after we played that call. She amazingly wasn’t fired even after this went down. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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