“I expect you to pay for my idiocy!”

Alright, I do just about everything for an ecommerce platform. Tech support, sales and billing you name it. One day I get a call going towards the end of my shift. Guy had questions about our package insurance. I advised him of the policy and how to file it on our software. SO GET THIS SHIT. THIS guy send 100 tropical birds through the carrier we work with and didn’t mark them as live animal’s. Needless to say They all died. Worth over half a million. This dick put $100.00 worth of insurance on each one. So this dude expected us to pay him over a half a million dollars worth of insurance he didn’t pay for. He started yelling and screaming demanding to speak with my supervisor. I get him connected to them and advise him of the situation. I shit you not. the “Supervisor rep” busted up laughing and was like “Yeah, this guy is probably gonna go to jail or get a hefty fine for endangering and killing animals.”

What do you think?

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