Company A equals Company B and C

Not gonna name any names as we all sell the same “service”. Basically we’re all middle-men, and what we have may not have our name attached. Confusing, but think of like Craigslist, where people sell things. We help those people sell their stuff. So think of Craigslist, Etsy, etc. Not going more specific then that.

Anyways, this story involves a lady who purchased something from “my” company. She calls in and says the service is not working. She gives me an order number and I try to do some troubleshooting. She said the service was supposed to be today, but order said Feb 22nd.

Queue to me being confused and trying to do some troubleshooting. Ten minutes later, a person nearby me points out that the date was actually Feb 22nd 2018. Ugh, okay.

I go back to the lady and point this out. A few minutes of troubleshooting some more, she mentions that she did have an order for same thing last year. I advised her that the order number she gave me was for last years.

She eventually gives me a loooooong order number (where ours are pretty short). She said she found it on an email from Company A. But another thing showed that it was from Company B, so she called us (Company C) because Company B and C are the same, right?

Honestly, this call was so stupid. Why are some people like this??? =(

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