A Customer Told Me I Should Be 35 Forever. Why? Because Sex

So I got a call the other week. Turned out it was one of the more amazing calls I ever took. I had to ask some details of his account. He had troubling remembering what transactionos had recently taken place. He mentioned how he was 70 y/o and sometimes couldn’t remember. And then he mentioned how he would like to be young again, around 35.I did feel a little empathetic and so said,

Sorry to hear that sir. You’re welcome to switch ages with me. I’m 26. More than happy to be retired if I’m honest.

He then went on to tell me that he wanted to be 35 because “the women at that age are a lot more appreciative. And they know what they’re doing. If you catch my drift.” So this man just told me I should stay at 35 y/o because I get fucked better. I think that’s probably one of the greatest advice I’ve been given. What are some of the funniest moments you’ve had with a customer?

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