Wait you want WHAT?

Hi guys! Love the sub. Have posted a couple times now but this is now my go-to story on how crazy these customers can be.

For those of you who do not know I work Customer Service for a major US Cellphone provider.

I will be “Me” and the Customer will be “C”

Me: Thank you for calling, this is SuperReekon, can I have your name please?

C: Customer, and I am letting you know now that I am furious and I will escalate my issue to the CEO of [Company] if I have to.

(GREAT. One of these guys. It is gonna be a fun call)

Me: What seems to be the problem?

C: I swapped to [company I work for] about 3 months ago from [major competitor] and have had service with them for years. When I swapped I transferred my numbers over to you guys and was told that this would cancel my service with them.

Me: That is correct, if you port your numbers over to us it will automatically shut down the lines you port over from that other carrier.


Me: I am not sure, as I do not work for them. Did you perhaps leave any lines active on that account?

C: There was still a tablet on the account and I have been billed for it for 3 months!

Me: Okay…

C: So what are you going to do for me?

Me: I am not sure I understand!

C: My account with them was supposed to be closed and it wasn’t! I have now been charged and [company I work for] needs to pay for this!

Me: Sir, I want to make sure I understand. You swapped service to us 3 months ago, but never disconnected a number on your account that you did not tell us that you wanted disconnected, and because of which the other carrier still billed you for it. You are now upset that something you didn’t tell us you wanted done DIDN’T happen, and want us to somehow pay for something that is not our fault and we did not charge?


Me: Sir, while I understand your frustration, we cannot credit you something that we did not charge you for. The people you need to speak to about these charges are [competitor]’s customer service.

C: I already did that and they won’t help me because I am no longer a customer of theirs!

Me: Well, sir there is nothing that I can do about another carrier’s billing system.

C: Credit my account for the total bills so I can pay them then!

(I lose all patience with the customer. Honestly I am waiting for him to escalate so he can get off my phone because I am so done talking to him)

Me: No. It is not [Company]’s fault that you forgot to cancel your service.

C: You people seriously call this Customer Service?

Me: I am more than happy to fix issues that you have with OUR billing and OUR service. I cannot control what another carrier charges you.

C: Then get me a district manager.

Me: I do not have one of those. I work in Customer service. All I have is a supervisor. I am going to warn you though. They will not give you anything either as this is not our problem.


(I place the douche on hold. I contact our escalations team. I explain what is going on to the rep who bursts out laughing when I tell them what is going on. Just as I am about to conference the customer in, he hangs up the call. The other rep tried calling him back with no answer. I checked the account 3 days later and no one had called back in. Guess he took the hint?)

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