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Hey guys, long time lurker. I work for a huge retail company in the UK, on the live chat team. We are by no means perfect but I love my job. My question is this, am I an asshole for talking to her like this?

“Chat reason- Why is this item only available for delivery next week”

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:33:25 ): I have already asked the question

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:34:03 ): Hello Sheila, you’re chatting to SpongyButton today. I’m just looking over your query now.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:34:20 ): Do you have the catalogue number for the item you’re looking to purchase?

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:35:08 ): No as I put it in the trolley and it says earliest date is 5pm next Tuesday.

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:35:26 ): Its a Candy Fridge Freezer £XXX

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:36:55 ): Right ok – I can imagine the reason for the delay is that we’re waiting for stock to come in from our supplier

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:37:41 ): So you can’t even guarantee that you will get the stock at your DC then.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:39:06 ): Without the catalogue number for the item I can’t say for sure when we will be getting stock, but if the website says next Tuesday then we’ll be getting the stock in to fulfill any orders made for that date

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:39:46 ): If the website states a date available for delivery, that means we will be getting an amount of stock in that will be available for purchasing around that date

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:40:15 ): So you can purchase it now, but we will be getting the stock in for delivery around that date

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:41:15 ): SpongyButton . I have run huge DC’s and know how supply chain works. I will not be purchasing this as you are only surmising you will be getting the stock in then.

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:41:36 ): What yoursite should be saying is OOS

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:42:19 ): If your OOS you are misleading any future customers.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:42:22 ): I appreciate that Sheila but I am only advising of the information readily available to me. Also, it depends on where you are in the country as I entered my home postcode and it is available for delivery tomorrow there, so it must be a case of waiting for stock to be moved between warehouses.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:42:36 ): We are not out of stock, if that were the case then it would show as out of stock.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:43:00 ): Is it the freestanding fridge freezer or the other one, as we have two candy fridge freezers at £XXX

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:43:54 ): You just told me that the reason was because you were probably awaiting stock. That sounds like an OOS statement to me.

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:44:46 ): Free standing.

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:45:37 ): Out of stock suggests we will not be getting more stock in for the foreseeable future. A suggested date for delivery means we are awaiting stock to be moved to fulfill the order.

Visitor–950077193-18308 (01-Jan-2019 18:47:42 ): No it doesn’t mean that. I ran Pets at Home XXX thousand sq ft warehouse for 7 years so please don’t insult my intelligence re distribution and logistics.

Info[Agent] (01-Jan-2019 18:49:18 ): Visitor–950077193-18308 may have navigated away from the page, waiting to rejoin…

SpongyButton (01-Jan-2019 18:50:11 ): I’ve advised all I can and appreciate your time. I also am sorry that you feel I am insulting your intelligence but also do not appreciate the accusation. We are not Pets at Home, we are Other Large Company and we clearly have different procedures. As this is now becoming an unproductive conversation, and that you have stated you are not going to purchase the item, I will now be ending the chat. Have a lovely evening.

Info[Agent] (01-Jan-2019 18:50:16 ): Visitor–950077193-18308 has rejoined the interaction. Info[Agent] (01-Jan-2019 18:50:29 ): Visitor–950077193-18308 has left the interaction

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