Today was literally my worst day in 4.5 years.

I’m so done with call center life. I have two interviews tomorrow. They are before my work shift but I think I’m calling out after the day I had today.
I started my first call of the day off with an escalation. And quite honestly, I probably could have made the call go better. But I had enough of this lady.
However, here is my favorite call of the day, I definitely had far worse today but the one made me laugh.

Quick back story, guy calls in because his savings account had $50,000 in it. Now it has roughly $48,800.

We will call him MWSE -Moron With Supposed Education And of course I’ll me! I’ll skip past the fun call opening.

MWSE: “Why is my savings account down to only $48,000?! Before I have $50,00 and I haven’t taken any money out of it?!?”
Me: “Okay, lets take a look here. Just one moment. …..I do see that $1,200 was use for over draft protection, because on November 28th checking account 1234 went over drawn. We can take a look at the…”
MWSE rudely interrupts
“What? Well why?! That’s not true?!”
Me: “Okay, well on that day there was $289 in the account and quite a few purchases, one of”
MWSE Rudely interrupts again
Me: “Well the biggest was for Home Depot for $1,100. MWSE: “No! I wouldn’t do that with this account!”
Me: “Okay, well do you need to talk to fraud?”
MWSE: “Well what did I buy?”
Me: “I’m not sure Sir it doesn’t tell us that.”

….we go over a few more transactions he says he will look through his Home Depot receipts…..

MWSE: “Okay, well why did it come out of my savings though?”
Me: “The checking account has over draft protection, so any time the che…”
MWSE: “Ma’am! I know that! Do not try to insult my intelligence! I have a bachelors degree!”
Me: “Sir, you asked why the money came…”
MWSE: “No! I am not new here! I’ve been doing accounting with [my company’s name] a long time! I know how that works! I’m not stupid!”
Me: “Sir, no one said you were stupid. You asked a question…”
he begins talking over me Me: “Sir! You asked a question, I answered it. I don’t know another way to answer that question.”
MWSE: rambles nonsense for a good two minutes while I put him on mute, and tell my coworker his issue
He finally says bye, I skip my call closing with
“Yea, Okay. Bye”

About two months ago I started checking out of this job. It’s been a long four years and we keep getting worse and worse with policies. I’m done.

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