"Thank god I got that girl this time"

Short background (names changed ;):

Derpina (me) – tech support

Derp one of my colleagues, a super grumpy guy who often fails quality monitoring for being either unfriendly to customers or not sticking to company policies properly (I believe he might get sacked soon)

Mr. Doodle – customer who had a longer lasting problem that wasn’t quite easy to solve

Now the actual incident:

Mr. Doodle and I just had a really long call including a lot of troubleshooting, we made some progress but hadn’t solved the problem yet, we agreed on reconvening after the customer has tested a few things.

Mr.Doodle: “Alright, thanks for your help Derpina, I’ll check these things and then call back or mail you once I have the results”

Me: “Excellent, thank you for your patience and your call Mr. Doodle, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day!”

Mr.Doodle: “Yes, you too, bye bye!”

[I keep the headset on my head, start logging the call, but haven’t hung up yet – we need to wait on them to hang up for a short moment before we can release the call on our own, it’s company policy]

Mr. Doodle (muffled, probably to someone else in the background): “Okay that was a long one, but thank god I got the girl this time and not the grumpy dude again, what was his name again? Derp?”

Me: trying to avoid becoming an awkward witness, I hang up**

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