Repeat escalation

I work in a call center for a health insurance company. I’m a technical specialist, so I’m the person you speak to when you ask for a supervisor.

I get an escalation from a rep regarding a person who refuses to give any kind of identifying information. When he transfers the call, it’s silent for nearly 3 minutes. Finally, the caller comes to the phone and demands a manager. I explain I can transfer him to my supervisor, but no managers are available because they’re in a meeting.

Caller refuses anything other than speaking to a manager. I call my supervisor to explain. She notices she has another call coming in, but ignores and continues talking to me.

My coworker with a cordless headset comes over to me and asks if I’m speaking to our supervisor because she tried calling her. My coworker also has caller X on the phone. He apparently has been escalating several times per day for the pay three days.

This member called in to the call center while I had him on hold to call my supervisor and escalated to another technical specialist. So he was switching between two of us.

He ended up hanging up on both of us because he had to go to a “meeting.”

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