“My eye is almost gone.”

So one of the accounts I answer for is a law firm. Had an older lady call and the conversation went something like this (I’ll be using M for me and P for patient)

M:Thank you for calling ***** law firm how may I help you P:yes do they come to groups? M: well I can take a message and send it to an attorney and they will take your call. I might be able to transfer you directly P: yeah, I’m at a home (she might’ve said facility ) my daughter put me here but they didn’t tell me they would do this M:I’m sorry? P: yes they are doing all kinds of experiments on me, my hair is almost all gone, I think my arm is broken M:would you like me to reach the attorney? P:My eye is almost completely gone.

Basically the rest of the conversation is irrelevant but I found this call to be disturbing

Edit 1: She seemed calm despite telling me she was afraid to sleep there tonight

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