Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier…

Background: I’m a supervisor in a large call center. We handle a few different clients. This particular client deals with high end food, mostly meat.

On this particular call the customer is asking outrageous questions about the product that no one, not even the warehouse manager, can answer. I took this as an escalated sup call.

Me=Me CL= Crazy Lady

Me: thank you for holding, I am the supervisor on the floor how can I help you today?

CL: Well first of all your agent was rude rude rude. She talked too fast and couldn’t answer any of my questions. I just want to know how long this product is frozen before it ships to me and where it ships from!

Me: I understand you may be worried about freshness, I can assure you that the items you receive will not be expired or near expiration. You can freeze our items for several months after delivery. We have 2 distribution centers in 2 states depending on the product.

CL: Well it what it from the state that’s closest to me so I know it’s freshest

side note in case you’re not aware, we don’t pick which center it comes from, that’s all handled by warehouse and shipping

Me: Again I understand your concerns but we don’t get to pick where the product comes from. I just know that it comes from one of 2 distribution centers

CL: How do you not know where it comes from? How are you a supervisor and not have these answers! This is ridiculous

women’s voice is extremely shrill and is irritating me so to try and get her answers I try to reach out to someone above me. They of course laugh at the questions because no one knows how long the product is there exactly because it depends on good ol supply and demand. Do find out the location of shipment

Me: Thank you for holding again, I apologize for the wait-

CL: My name is Crazy Lady and stop apologizing!!

Me: Ok, well I did find out that the product ships from distribution center B.

WARNING: Now entering the REAL crazy

CL: Well is that also where the cows are raised? Do you know where they graze? Do they graze on the higher portion or do they graze lower? Do you know what happens when cows grazer on the lower portion after a hard rain? All the run off from the cows grazing higher up goes down to the cows below and that’s how you get food poisoning! I bet you’ve never had food poisoning! I have and I take every precaution to not get it again.

Me: Actually I have had food poisoning. Same restaurant 3 separate times in 3 different states.

CL: Well why would keep eating it after the 1st time?

Me: Well I was on vacation in Tennessee and didn’t have another op-

CL: Well they don’t know how to properly handle food in Tennessee, it’s all back country down there

o.O Did she just accuse an ENTIRE state of mishandling food???

Me: Ok, well are you needing the place an order or did you have another question?

CL: You’re a terrible supervisor I don’t know how you got to where you are. You can’t answer any of my questions. This is the 3rd call I’ve had with your company and they’ve all been terrible. You can’t tell me where the cows are raised, this is ridiculous. I need to speak to another supervisor.

Me: Ok please hold one moment


Places caller on hold because I’ve had more than enough. Get my sup, she then screams about how terrible I and my rep are. She tells my supervisor he needs therapy. WTF

Look up her account, she’s been a customer less than 3 weeks and already has notes about her behavior on file.

What a piece of work…

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