How the Grinch Ruined Christmas

Its a holiday season everyone supposed to be merry but not this customer.

She called in because she couldn’t upload pictures from her phone in an app she’s using.

I checked everything, double checked and she confirmed everything’s working on our side of the service.

I read that she had called day prior and was told she needs to uninstall and reinstall the app. I asked if she did that and she said she haven’t. Feeling sorry for her having to call back about the same issue I genuinely offered my help and assured her I will make sure its fixed. However before we can start she remember she don’t know her login details for the app. I patiently waited for her to find it but she gave up. Again feeling sorry and thinking she might have some great pictures to share but couldn’t so I offered to call her back. She declined. Lo and behold later she sent a feedback that no one helped her out. Obviously she will be calling back because she’s either to lazy or something to do what she needs to do.

Now I’m wondering what these people are thinking. Dragging someone into the muck just because they couldn’t figure things out and always needs someone to do it for them. Get real people! If you don’t have the patience to learn how to use your smartphones then go back to flip phones. Don’t make your lives and others complicated.

What do you think?

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"I don’t like you and your company rules and want to complain although my problem is already solved"

"Are you a real company with real people?"