Consipracy theorist calls in…

Back story… I had a call a few months ago from a whacko that placed an order online, but forgot to put her apartment number. She called in after the items shipped out and after I explained I can’t add her apt# because it’s already shipped out (we can’t alter the address once the order is placed, let alone shipped.)

Me- i apologize but I can’t alter the shipping address since UPS already has it on its way to your apartment complex.

Tin Foil Hat- I know I put my apt number on my order, you guys take apartment numbers off orders so you and the shipping company can make more money. Its a shipping conspiracy!! (She like yelled it real high pitched, too)

Me- mute button on what in the fuck?! Ahahahaha!! Mute off well ma’am, if you don’t get your order, you don’t have any history with us, so we’ll reship your items out free of charge since you’ve already paid for your items but didn’t receive them, if they aren’t delivered to your front office.

TFH- Oh. I’ll call back then.

Whenever anything happens, my husband and I always say “it’s a conspiracy!”

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