Calls that stick

Talking to my co workers today about some of the craziest calls we’ve ever had. I work for a tv/int/phone provider and both of these calls happened within my first few months of working here. (I’ve been here two years)

The first call was a gentleman who called me asking if we could refund his… um.. “movie” because he got called into work and couldn’t finish it. It was an adult movie, and he was very excited to tell me the title, and kept repeating it, which I will remember to this day. I refunded him because I had no idea how to handle that call….

The second was an elderly man who called in asking if I could call his nurse. He wasn’t understanding that he was calling customer service and just kept saying he needed his nurse and he fell. I’m not sure how he remembered our phone number, but I was able to find out what nursing home he was in and called the nurses station. “Hi this is ‘me’ from ‘phonecompany’ I have a Mr. XX on my line and he said he’s fallen and needs a nurse” they said they’d take care of it and I clicked over to the other line and stayed on the phone with the guy until I heard the nurse come in.

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