"Yes sir."

So here’s a call from a couple weeks ago, one that messed me up so bad, I called off the next day. Anxiety and call centers do not mix. I had just learned a new line of calls, Level 2 agent now. We take credit card apps for various small banks, and now, business cards.

Foreign guy calls in, impatient at the get go. Keep in mind, we have to ask all the questions verbatim, and read disclosures. I mean, they need to know what they’re signing up for, right?

After standard greeting, I ask for his confirmation number: the number attached to a customer’s offer. He gives me it, and I can’t find it. He tells me it expired it January, so about 8 months ago. I tell him I can look it up using his name and zip code, and he gives it. Again, no go. Luckily with this particular card, we can offer a generic card. I pull it up, and now it gets fun.

I read the disclosures about the card (we have to read it all before they can apply.) First question is about if they are able to speak on behalf of the business. He impatiently says “yes yes yes yes!!”

Ok… So next up is asking what percentage of their business they own.

“I told you I own it! God, you don’t know anything, you don’t listen!!”

Already I’m fuming and start speaking through gritted teeth the rest of the call. He talked quietly when he said it, but loud enough for me to hear.

I ask the questions in order, verbatim, and ask the name of the business, as per the next question. Although he said it before, we still have to ask. Again, more pissiness. A few questions later, I ask how he would like the name to appear on the card… “I told you already!! enunciates name like I’m stupid

Through gritted teeth, I thank him. Oh, and throughout the call he calls me “sir”. Ok asshole, I’m a female with a high voice, theres no way I sound like a dude.

Clearly the call is already fucked. I ask him for his tax ID for the business, and he tells me he’s in traffic.

“Hold on hold on hold on, I’m in traffic, I have to pull over to get it.” Seriously?? Doing business in traffic?? “Hold on hold on hold on!”

5 or so minutes later he gets it, as I’m hearing honking in the background.

Finally, the finally disclosures, ask if he agrees, and another “yes sir”. At this point I’m fed up, shaking, and tell him “I’m not a sir!!”

A few more back and forth and call ends, as I take a much needed break. Seriously!! Fuck that dude.

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