When My Colleague Didn’t Do Her Job

I have previously mentioned the incompetency that senior colleagues have and thereby proving that Peter’s Principle is alive and well. You can read that post here. Not a dept. to outdo themselves, they’ve don’t it again. This time they nearly ruined the bank. Enjoy.


Ashley: Customer

Bethany: Colleague

ME: Me

Also, amounts have been changed for anonymity and simplicity. Bethany has the power to stop accounts and issue a letter asking for evidence of funds. This will be important. With that, let’s begin.

ME: Hello an welcome to [bank]. This is Peace. How may I be of assistance today?

Ashley: Well like, I sent some money to my friend, and she still hasn’t got it yet. What’s even up with that?

Seriously, she talked like that. As though she was from California. Why? I did security and found out that Bethany was in System X reviewing the payment. So I rang through to her.

ME: Hey Bethany. I’m just dealing with Ashley here about her payment. I can see you’re currently working it. Can you please leave so I can see the necessary info?

Bethany: Oh hey Peace. I was just about to call her to make the payment. I’ve exited the programme and removed stops from her account. Please do keep me updated if she wants the payment made. More than happy to do it. Saves you from ringing and joining the queue.

I start to have a look at the payment. It was for £5,400 exactly. Alarm bells starting to ring. The customer was on state benefits. The largest payment she had was approx. £200.00 from the benefits system. A couple of days before this call she had been paid £5,500 from someone. Lets ask about that.

ME: Sorry for the wait there [Miss] Ashley. I see you’re looking to pay £5,400. However, I can see you were paid £5,500 a few days ago. May I ask where that came from and what it was for?

Ashley: Yeah, my friend sent me it. She did it by accident. I’m sending it back to her. She, said I could like, keep the £100.

See what we have here, is a Gen Y know-it-all who think it’s easy to money launder. And that she has the best excuses.

ME:: I’m sorry [Miss] Ashley. But what was the payment for? Did you say it was sent by accident?

Here she started to get hella agitated. Frustrated and angry that the payment did not go through. I proceeded to tell her that she needs to visit any of our branches to get this paid. She began to get angry but I stood firm. Get. To. Branch.

I then began to initiate the procedure for her account to get blocked via a report to the back office so that they could kickstart it. Only they can get that important letter sent. What I still don’t understand is how Bethany, fucking Bethany!, failed to notice this large amount come in to the account and didn’t instantly keep the account blocked and send a letter requesting proof of funds. The only way she could have overlooked this is if she didn’t investigate it at all. Y’know, didn’t do her fucking job.

Had this been anyone else, i.e. another advisor, this may have gone through. So basically, because fucking BETHANY! didn’t do her job properly the bank may have funnelled through money that was most likely from criminal sources. Every time, it’s always more senior, and more paid, colleagues that allow this kind of shit to take place. It’s not always the customers that get me work up; sometimes it’s my colleagues. They’re ridiculous.

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